VALA POLYMER Quality Control Unit

Long-term planning in Vala Polymer Novin and the policy of attracting and cooperating with customers on a permanent basis have resulted in a strong quality control unit in the company. The quality control unit of the company continuously strives for the process of manufacturing and optimization of its products, and by comprehensive and precise monitoring its entire manufacturing processes from entering the raw material stage to the storage of the product, it presents reports to the management and by summarizing these reports comes up with suitable solutions and improves the quality of its products.
All specifications of products manufactured by Vala Polymer Novin are identified and verified to confirm that the requirements or requirements of the product have been met. This is done in the proper stages of the process of realization of the product according to the planned arrangements and evidence of compliance with admission criteria is stored. The monitoring manner and related criteria are set in accordance with national and international standards. The tests carried out in Vala Polymer Laboratory are as follows:

Available tests in VALA POLYMER Lab

*  ( Melt flow index)
*  (Determination of Tensile properties )
*  (Oxidative – induction time of polyethylene )
*  ( Determination of density) 
*  ( Determination of carbon percentage ) 
*  ( Hydrostatic pressure test ) 
*  ( Bursting pressure test ) 
*  ( Heating return test) 
*  (Dimension measurement test)
*  ( Soot dispersion amount department)

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